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listens to dimentio music remixes


*Jizzes rainbows out of my ears* :D

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Let’s be frank,
we’re all creepy strangers on the internet that don’t know shit about each other.
Reblog with your birthday so your followers know when to send you some nice birthday themed hate mail!
or you could get them a zodiac present :)

February 14th. Kill me now…. -_-
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Introducing a new character of mine!Name: YukiAge: 18Gender: FemalePersonality: Scared, timid, shy. Is awkward with people and isn’t that strong yet to stand up for herself. She is kind and gentle towards others and will go to great lengths to help them with their problems often putting them before even herself. She is very compassionate, understanding, loving and loyal to those she cares about.
About her: She lived in a household with a cruel and abusive father who made Yuki’s life hell. He eventually abandoned her family leaving her with just her mother. Over time she became a pro with many nifty skills that’s used around the household. Her mastered skills include:-Cooking-Cleaning
-Craftsmanship for making stuff such as clothes, costumes, plushes ect.She’s also good at other smaller things such as gaming, cosplaying,  and playing the piano and singing.  She’s into anime and gaming and collects odds and ends from her favorite series most specifically plushies.

Her Power: She can control plushies, bringing it to life, making them from a doll size to the intended size the character is suppose to be. Yuki can use her plushes with the very same power the character has from where it originated from. What I’m looking for with other RPers for her:-Friends-Best Friends
-Someone who will protect her and give her room to become stronger.-A Lover

Please help me out and give this timid girl some new friends?
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I’m fond of how Ness arrives on scene in smash bros via teleport… why don’t they just put him in ssb4?? gosh

PUT………NESS………IN……SSB4……. NINTENDO!!! GODDAMMIT OKAY?!Oh and Lucas too.
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Okay am I the only one getting followed by some not so appropriate for Tumblr adult  blogs lately?

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Reblog this if you agree that every human being on this planet could benefit from a hug….that hugging is good for the soul and makes you feel happy when you give/get one….. that we should go out there and just give hugs to people even if they’re a stranger as we stand their with our “Free hugs” sign…. because you know deep down you’re helping that person feel better as well as yourself through hugging. REBLOG THIS LIKE WILDFIRE!

Reblogging Cause I’m a firm believer that hugs are good for the soul! :D

don’t hug me.

((Attempts to hug L anyways!))

All my real life friends are in agree with me on this one. Boost this so everyone can know there is nothing wrong with giving hugs!
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Blumiere immediately jumped out of the way, swiftfully dodging the incoming attack.

He held his staff in front of him, holding his left hand above the jewel at the tip. It glowed an eerie color, and immediately teal flashed throughout the room their movements had been drastically slowed. This attack effected Blumiere too, but it gave him a moment to start building up his next attack.

He watched the clones closely as they proceeded to shoot meteors down at him. Dodging them now was a much simpler task.

Blumiere shot a mini void piece as one of them, causing it to vanish. 

The clones began to disappear one by one as the real Dimentio warped up and close in front of Blumiere.  

"I will break you!" He claimed with an ever smile on his face.

Dimentio’s eye began to glow red as he began casting a mental illusion directed at his mind… suddenly… a thick blanket of darkness started to creep  towards Blumiere… Was it really there or was that part of the illusion… It covered the field acting as the provoker of the dark thoughts soon to come when in reality the darkness was never truly there… it was the illusion created by Dimentio’s mind games…

He relayed a mental image of Timapani beaten bloody and bruised tied to a post. Blumiere Was in the same shape right next to him. The surround area was covered in blood all over the floor in great pools and even had waterfalls of blood pouring down from the endless dark abyss above them. There were bones and skeletons of creatures and humans covering every inch of the floor.. There were even some dead bodies that their corpses had not even rotted yet… some of which had their eyes gouged out or their limbs or other body parts severed… This area was a wasteland of the dead… .. There were hunderds of Dimentio’s with sword surround the two posts. One at a time they took turns stabbing the two in the chest for what seemed like every 20 seconds for the next 72 hours. This is the mental image Dimentio was using his power of illusions to make Blumiere see in his mind… He wanted to drive him to the point of insanity before he slowly killed him.

The real Dimentio sat there in the the real world in slow motion but was watching to see the effects of his illusion take effect. 

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lumarios-kirby-fcs sent: ((The other night, I realized something. In the first scene with Peach in it, she's wearing the wedding dress. Then, when she wakes up in Castle Bleck... She's wearing her normal outfit! Someone had to have found her and changed her clothes... (I think it was Dimentio)))

You imagine correctly  my dear friend. Ah ha ha ha! I’m such a bad boy! Such a naughty yet dirty minded little jester I am! AHAHAHAHA!

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OOC: It’s hard to believe I’m at long last to a point with this blog that when I post stuff, people are actually paying attention to what I post. It’s like I’m developing a fan base or something. Such a happy day!

((Where did your hands go?))

It’s magic! I ain’t gotta explain shit! XD
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