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fiftyshadesofevil sent: Hi, this is the person who posted that photo of your Dimentio cosplay. I edited the photo to give you credit, though if you'd like me to delete the post or anything else just let me know! I really liked your cosplay BTW!

Oh good maybe later we can discuss some of the materials that goes into my costume.  I’m the one and only high quality Dimentio cosplayer. Master of Dimensions. Pleasure of crowds I am… Dimentio!

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rapunzelrose05 sent: Hey. ^-^ I'm going to steal your gf from you.

Can’t steal yourself from me Princess Rosalina of the Rice Krispie Kingdom! Ahahahahah! I’m going to enjoy… “Playing” with you! >3

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I met this Dimentio cosplayer at Katsucon 2014. It’s actually really lucky I met him, because I’ve been thinking that I might want to cosplay as Dimentio in the future, and he told me how he made his costume and what materials he used, which is a major help. If anyone knows who this guy is let me know so I can properly credit!

 I AM THAT DIMENTIO! Glad to see you found me ahahahahahah!
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Make me cry using only 2 words

I did it without words! Ahahahahahah!

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"Nice too meet you mister…?"
"Well, you are kind of a celebrity. I’ve wondered why I can’t find any of your tech on the market."

"Well actually I do have consumer models I sell through backdoor companies, but the REALLY good stuff I keep for…

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[I was right. Come on then Simon…]

When I’m in a bad mood nothing fills me with more joy then to use my powers to control people like their my mindless slaves. And if that doesn’t do it, the feeling of panic in fear coming from my helpless victims I torment will certainly put a big sadistic grin on my face. Ahahahahah!

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If I ever get Pokemon X/Y, I’m going to go out of my way to get a male Fennekin (82.5% chance) and female Chespin (12.5% chance) out of pure spite of all this female Fennekin and male Chespin (and evolutions) pairing crap. They can be their opposite genders! (And in fact, a

Funny because the first time I play Pokemon X I got without even trying to got a female Fennekin. I’m not the kinda person who’s gonna reset for a specific gender or what not on my starter but I was amused that I get a female starter without even trying to get one. Like you said that’s a 12.5% chance.

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