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"HOW ABOUT WE TAKE A FEW SECONDS TO CATCH UP, EH RED?" He growled sadistically, making every hit he could, all to get the pain in his head to go away.

"And HOW." Punch. "ABOUT." Kick. "YOU." Uppercut. "STOP" Knee hit. "CALLING ME." Punch. "THAT WEAK BROTHER OF YOURS?!?!" Mr. L was in a fit of pure rage, taking out all his hate on the plumber, getting his own hits back. He grabbed his arm as the brute force of the yellow cape bruised it purple.

All Mario could do is try to side step every move and hope to get through… But nothing was working. He was just trying to dodge his brother and didn’t want to fight back..

"Luigi I don’t want to do this… I don’t want to fight you… You’re my bro and I love you… Please you must remember who I am… You’re not Mr. L, you’re not evil! You’re my brother! " 

Finally he was on the ground with a punch coming at him when finally he  drew back and began spinning  his hammer round and round creating a small cyclone  that immediately burst into flames. Moving at full speed the flaming cyclone charged at Luigi.

Dimentio warped onto the battle field watching on his floating throne from the air eatting popcorn. “Oh this is a match up to die for! Brother vs Brother…. it doesn’t get any better then this…”

((Im only dodging your moves at this point in the fight to attempt to get through to him and if that doesn’t work Mario has no choice but to fight. After this point there will be less dodging from me. It was for plot purposes.))

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"What the…" Mr. L froze as he saw the hero in the distance. He internally screamed, part of his instinct going to not hurting Mario and the rest wanting to turn him into a bloody pulp. Charging, gave the plumber a swift kick to the back of the head.

"You need to learn your lesson, Mario, never turn your back on anything.” He frowned. “After all the suffering and sleepless nights you caused me…It’s time I ended you once and for all!”

Hearing the sound of L coming Mario leaped out of the way of his attack as the man in red took a good look at his attacker.

"L…Luigi?!" He said in a shocked tone. There was no doubt about it. He may be in Mr L’s attire but Mario could recognize his own brother.

"Luigi!! What’s gotten into you? Why did you attack your own brother like that? Have you lost your mind?!" Mario called out to his brother trying to reach him. He had a feeling it wasn’t going to be so easy to reason with him so just incase the situation got ugly he had a back up plan. He reached for his watch which was actually a nifty Item storing device which with a few presses of the buttons he could have an item of his choice powering him up.  He tinkered around with it and within seconds he used a feather to give him a big yellow cape.   Mario had a sad expression on his face hoping he could reason with his brother.

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"Ugh…fiiiinally…” L sighed, sitting on the ground. “I suppose maybe me and Brobot could…no…I don’t need Brobot anymore! I have my own strength! My own power! I’m gonna go kill those heroes, you hear me Mario?! I’M COMING FOR YOU!!”

1 Month Later

Dimentio was spying on Mr L yet again in his room just minding his own business. (Well a promise is a promise…) Dimentio thought to himself. Not wanting to get involved with Mr L again the jester stayed hidden between dimensions. He then warped the dark mustached fiend to a large grassy plain covered in shrubbery and other plant life such as trees and flowers.

Not to far where Dimentio dropped of L was a figure in Red clothes, hat and blue overalls. It was Mario. Mario at this point in time didn’t seem to notice L had shown up. 


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I SAID STOP LAUGHING!!!!" L screeched, continuing to beat down on his foe. He even ended up scorching him with fireballs or shocking him with a Thunderhand every so often.

STOP IT WITH YOUR WITTY ONE-LINERS, STOP IT WITH YOUR ‘POWER’ NONSENSE, AND JUST DIE!" He delived an aerial punch to Dimentio’s face, breaking some teeth. As the jester kept laughing on and on, Mr. L’s attacks just got more savage.

((OOC: Wow… just holy hell… Mr. L is a monster!))

Dimentio was blood and beaten… his clothes looked like they went through a shredder… his face was covered in blood. Usually coming in contact with Dimentio’s blood would be poisonous but since Mr. L had that  same dark spore in him, he was immune to it. Despite everything the jester was put through, with scorched skin and all Dimentio staggered very slowly to his feet.. he clung to the wall trying to pull himself  up. He was soon enough back on his feet hardly able to stand. He couldn’t keep this up. He fell face first back onto the floor unable to maintain his own balance of his weight. As he laid there on the floor beaten he put all of his vocal strength into laughing one more time.

"Ah……………h….ha……..haha….. Ahhhhhh"

He passed out on the ground before somehow getting warped out of there. Dimentio must of used the last of his energy to warp himself to safety to lick his wounds and come back stronger.

((OOC: Dimentio may be out of the scene for now but after you  make your next post there will be a time lapse to a point in time where L’s new power within can develop and make him stronger… strong enough to beat Mario.)) 

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((as if he wasn’t already XD))

He collided his fist into the bottom of Dimentio’s face, the target hitting the ground with a fierce thud. Mr. L dashed to the jester and kicked him sharply in the stomach, then grabbing him by the collar and raising him up to eye level.

"Don’t you dare laugh at me.” He whispered, and threw Dimentio to the ground, stomping on him with brute force.

Dimentio snapped his finger as his cell phone magically appeared and floated off a distance away from the two of them. As he got his ass beat he was taking selfies hands free of every blow using his magic. 

"Oh this will make facebook magic…" He said before getting punched in the face, kicked, thrown to the ground and pummeled one blow after another… His mask was protecting  his face from  taking any  face shots but from all the blows the mask broke in half and fell on the floor. The two mask halves dissolved into dark matter. Now Dimentio’s face was revealed with his glowing red eyes and neatly combed black hair.  The rest of his body showed battle damage as part’s of his cloak and  clothing had tears too it revealing purple blood stains… the poisonous blood to be sure. 

Dimentio was laughing even as he was getting his ass kicked. With  L hovering over him he slowly staggered his way onto his feet. The jester seemed light on his feet at first but eventually secured his footing.   “How does… it feel to… mercilessly beat down your foes… with absolutely no regard of their health or if they will survive….. it feels good doesn’t it? It feels good to let your anger and frustrations power you to make you strong doesn’t it?…”

He continued  to laugh weakly as he taunted M L despite having the upper hand. “Is that truly…. the best you can do Mr L? Is that all the strength in your blows you can muster? Ha ha… My mustached foe the shag upon your lip will make a lovely trophy to me… Ah …. haha… Ah ha hah…..”

Dimentio was showing clear signs of weakness from the blows he had taken from Mr L.

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went back to my url bc im just too attached to it

You need like a shortened Online nickname I can refer to you as for when I’m doing stuff on tumblr that involves you or your sisters. Like an online alias not a screenname like actualdimentio. Let me know what you come up with?

Ima ask your sisters the same thing. :D

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went back to my url bc im just too attached to it

You need like a shortened Online nickname I can refer to you as for when I’m doing stuff on tumblr that involves you or your sisters. Like an online alias not a screenname like actualdimentio. Let me know what you come up with?

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If I’m your tumblr crush, send me $50.


*Is suddenly rich* $w$

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I thought out of all the things I could give you, you might like this one.~
I hope to best my sisters to impress you, even though my tribute is not much.
*floods the multiverse with Rice Cripsie Treats* I think we all know the victor, thunderhandmastershydow.
===============================================And THIS RIGHT HERE…. is why she is the superior sister of my three daughters.

actualdimentio  officermargss thunderhandmastershydow
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L cringed and he slowly got himself up from the cold hard ground ((aaaa, aaaaa, trouble, trouble, trouble-*shot*)), the pain slowly fading as his bright red eyes narrowed .

"Help?" he spat. "Someone like me doesn’t need help." He extended his hand and threw the jester into the wall. "You’re just some puny little jester who pokes his nose into all the wrong business. I should just end you right here, shouldn’t I?” He frowned.

Dimentio got slammed against the steel fall as he fell like a ton  of bricks to the ground… The jester floated up and turned himself right side up again seeing as he was upside down when he made contact with the wall.

"YES!! MORE MORE!!! ATTACK ME MORE!!! PUNISH ME!! MAKE ME SUFFER!! MAKE ME HURT MORE!!! AHAHAHAHAH!!" Dimentio cackled Masochistically. "Embrace your anger! Let it out! Release everything! And punish me more! I want to feel your anger! I want to feel your frustrations! I want to feel your FURY!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!"

Dimentio  brushed himself off as he approached  Mr L up close again. “Do you think you have what it takes to punish me? I’ve been a very bad jester! VERY VERY BAD INDEED! OH YES!!!” 

((Dimentio is INSANE…. o.o))

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